Who are Visual Interactive?

The birth and evolution of Visual Interactive.

Based in Northampton, the heart of England.

Founded in 1998, Visual interactive started out by providing PC repair services, custom high-end PC builds and local area networking solutions to residential customers and local businesses. After a short period of time, the decision was made to extend the range of services by branching out into graphic design, internet services and website design & development. Growing rapidly and moving from strength to strength, Visual Interactive built up a strong client base through the provision of creative design services - which remains our core set of services today.

In 2001, Visual Interactive acquired the business assets of another local web development business - Evolution Web Designs. In addition to increasing our client base, the acquisition put the business in a more advantageous position and enabled us to offer a much wider range of professional services to Evolution Web Designs' customers. As our range of services were honed, we took the decision to withdraw the PC repair, PC build and networking services from our portfolio and focus on our core skills.

Visual Interactive provides a whole range of professional creative design services including branding, responsive website design & development, internet services (to accompany our website creations), graphical user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, graphic design along with printing services, search engine optimisation and internet marketing solutions.

Over the many years we have been operating, we have supported individuals and businesses as far reaching as Australia. We have always thrived on building trusted and mutual relationships and continue to provide our services to many long standing clients.

In the beginning...

A selection of our early clients whom we were proud to work with.

GlaxoSmithKline UK
Intranet Time & Attendance Gold (iTAG)
an intranet-based web app.

2000 - 2001

UX / UI Design, Front-end Development

Visual Interactive was appointed to develop the front-end user interface for two versions of the human resource department's intranet-based time & attendance web app. The app used the most up to date technologies and was capable of supporting tens of thousands of employees across multiple platforms. It was pleasure to work with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.
Northamptonshire Police
Corby Police website.


Website Development

Visual Interactive was asked to develop a website for the Corby area of Northamptonshire Police. The website contained a wealth of information about keeping Corby safer, Neighbourhood Watch, Crime Stoppers, a police officer beat map, useful contact information and much more. After several years of ongoing development and support, all independent police force area websites were merged into one countywide force website.
Northamptonshire Police
Anti-Crime Network website.


Branding, Website Development

Following the new appointment of a business community beat and liaison officer for Corby, Visual Interactive was approached to create an identity and website for the newly created initiative - the Corby Anti-Crime Network. The idea behind the website was to encourage local businesses to communicate with each other and to provide the latest crime updates, statistics and information to members of the network.
Tresham Institute
Tresham Institute - New Technology Centre website.


Branding, Website Development

Visual Interactive was asked to develop a new website for the New Technology Centre based at Tresham Institute. The website provided a range of information about the centre's CAD training, electronics training, rapid prototyping and weld testing services to the business and educational sectors.
Corby Borough Council
Branding for a new initiative - the Corby Community Safety Partnership.



Visual Interactive was approached to develop a corporate identity for The Corby Community Safety Partnership - a new initiative to deliver action and activity through a range of partners, working together to create a safer Corby. The partnership team was made up of various organisations including Corby Borough Council, Northamptonshire Police, Fire Service and Northamptonshire County Council.