A yearly or a pay-as-you-go maintenance plan.

The perfect maintenance agreement for your website's ongoing development.

With two WMA plans to choose from, it couldn't be more straightforward.

Whilst content management systems enable you to update your own website, they are not without their troubles and faults. Additionally, they are not suitable for every situation. We find that our clients find the benefits of an all-inclusive and far-reaching website maintenance agreement preferable to being able to update their own site. Website maintenance agreements provide all of the following benefits:

Yearly Website Maintenance Agreement.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of the internet, the latest web technologies and design trends.

The internet landscape changes every day. With the regular introduction of legislation (EU Cookie Directive and GDPR, for example), website owners have an increasing responsibility for the negative impact of content displayed on their websites. As a professional website developer, we can mitigate the vulnerabilities and risks associated with operating a public website.

We are professional graphic designers; therefore, we have an in depth understand of user interfaces and user experiences.

As this is what we do day in day out, we are tuned for tasks such as; bug fixing and checking for broken links and images. We also update and maintain core hosting technologies and services so your website continues to run optimally - not to mention disaster recovery and maintaining regular crucial incremental backups.

When promoting events, products and services, we create eye catching designs and graphics that are kept in line with the original design of the website.

A WMA saves resources and hours in website updates & development time. It will avoid any additional staff training in the use of website authoring tools and content management systems, enabling you and your staff to focus on core business tasks.

A WMA ensures that the website runs smoothly and that necessary fixes are deployed when the design or page layout breaks due to changes implemented in web browser updates and updates to web hosting services.

A WMA takes care of all the back of house maintenance such as keeping the sitemap up to date and optimising the website’s code to improve load times and to help it to run smoother on various devices.

A WMA will eliminate delays arising from designated people being unavailable or absent due to holidays, sickness, secondments etc...

A WMA will ensure that the website’s design and layout is not compromised and will guarantee that the website is maintained to its original high professional standard and continues to be responsive.

A WMA removes the hassle of future development and expansion. The integrating and maintenance of complex elements such as PayPal for the sale of merchandise, services and collection of subscriptions can be fraught with both design and technical difficulties.

Most of our clients opt for a WMA because they find the hassle free, fully managed approach extremely flexible and convenient. Additionally, they feel secure in the knowledge that their needs are being professionally catered for.

You submit your changes and updates via email and we update your website for you within 48 hours (standard working days apply). We endeavour to perform urgent updates within 24 hours. Generally, most submitted website updates are completed the same day.

Pay-as-you-go Website Maintenance Agreement.

Our pay-as-you-go website maintenance agreement gives you all the same benefits as our yearly plan, but as and when required. This option is best suited to business and organisations that wish to make small infrequent updates to their website (for example, 4 or less times a year).

Content Management System

A custom CMS solution.

Want to be able to update your own website? No problem. We can integrate a custom built content management solution into your website that will enable you to edit and update your website's content when it's convenient for you.

Services for all your needs

We provide a range of solutions tailored to your needs.

A brand is more than just a logo, it’s what your logo represents. Through awareness and familiarity, a well-designed and established brand is a fundamental business element that over time will familiarize customers with your business, products and services.

Graphic Design & Print
Professional creative design services, delivering an eye-catching, crisp, clean creative approach to all of your printing needs - all delivered on high quality printed media.

Website Development
Creating websites is our passion and we've been doing it since 1998. We build stunning, hand crafted adaptive websites that are not only effective on any device, but give your visitors a fulfilling and engaging experience.

Internet Services
We provide a comprehensive package of internet services to support your website and its future development. We do not charge any extra for increased traffic or bandwidth. We do not use quotas either, allowing your web presence to grow unrestricted.

Whilst a content management system enables you to update your own website, our website maintenance agreements are flexible, enabling you to update your site whenever its convenient for you and makes updating your website less hassle.

Specialising in 'organic' search engine optimisation, Visual Interactive have the experience and technical knowledge to greatly improve your website's search engine placement.

Online Form SPAM Blocking
We have developed a system that prevents online forms being targeted and abused to send SPAM or malicious messages. Our Form Submission Management System (FSMS) can block SPAM messages and SPAMBOTS, keeping your inbox clean.