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If you are thinking of having a new website developed or even your existing website redesigned, we appreciate how difficult it can be to convey what you would like it to do and how you want your website to function.

In order to simplify the process, we have created a online brief form and guide to save us both valuable time and effort whilst looking into the best achievable outcome for your needs.

Whilst it is important to provide in depth information about your requirements, at this stage there is no need to go into too much detail. All we require is enough information to get started in formulating a proposal.

1. About you and your business.

First, please tell us how we can contact you.

Now tell us a little about your business to give us an idea of what you do.

2. Your goals.

Do you have any objectives for your website? This might be ‘Our website is outdated and we want to refresh the design’ or 'We want to promote a specific area of our business’. Providing a few bullet points will provide us with a good understanding about what you are looking to accomplish.

3. Branding.

Do you have an existing brand or company logo for us to work with? Do you need us to follow your existing brand or extend or re-develop the design? Are you a start-up business that needs to establish a new fresh, engaging brand?

4. Content.

It is important to ensure that your content organised as soon as possible. Do you have a library of photos or images we would be able to use, or would you need us to source images, graphics or videos? Having your content available at the beginning of the project will aid in defining the structure and design of the website.

5. Technical functionality.

Technical functionality may include things such as: online shop, online forms, booking systems, account / member registration, newsletter subscription, online payments, blog or news articles, member’s area. If you require a members area, describe what the member's profile or dashboard will consist of.

6. Budgeting.

Providing us with an approximate budget will save us both time and effort in formulating a suitable solution. It will enable us to outline precisely what is and what is not achievable within the scope of your objectives. For example, a larger budget would enable us to spend additional time on developing specific areas of the website, whilst a smaller budget would guide us to provide alternative solutions to key objectives.

7. Deliverable timescale.

The amount of time required to develop a website will be greatly affected by various factors. For example, the speed in which requested textual and imagery content can be supplied to us and the speed in which design concepts can be agreed upon. For organisations where committees are involved, the development time usually increases dramatically due to the number of people involved and the timeframe of committee meetings etc...

Therefore, it is important to tell us if you have a deadline and about any factors that may affect the deliverable timescale of the project.

8. Internet services.

We provide a comprehensive package of internet services to accompany all of our website projects, and most of our clients choose to host their sites with us. However, a tiny minority of clients choose to remain with their existing hosting company. If you already have exiting internet services with a different hosting company, we require that it is provided with the latest version of PHP, MySQL version 5.6 or greater and has adequate disk space.

9. Website Maintenance Agreement or Content Management System.

Whilst content management systems enable you to update your own website, they are not without their troubles and faults. Additionally, they are not suitable for every situation. Our clients find the benefits of an all-inclusive and far-reaching website maintenance agreement preferable to being able to update their own site. The benefits of one of our website maintenance agreements can be found on our WMA page.