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All Saints' Church is a significant historical and architectural landmark. The church as it stands today was consecrated and opened in 1680, following its reconstruction after the Great Fire of Northampton in 1675.

The interior is notable for its square plan, dome supported by four columns, and a distinctive barrel vault. It houses three choirs and is known for its rich musical tradition, contributing to the cultural life of Northampton. The church's architecture, with its mix of historical elements and its active role in the community, makes it a pivotal institution in the town.

For its architectural and historic significance, the church is listed as a Grade I building on the National Heritage List for England. This designation underscores its importance and ensures its preservation for future generations. The church not only serves as a place of worship but also as a venue for various community and cultural events, embodying a blend of historical heritage and contemporary relevance. It is the civic church of Northampton.

How we support them.

We developed the original website for All Saints' church back in 2009. After many years of faithful service, they wanted to introduce a fresh, clean, modern look that not only brought the website up to date in terms of design, but also made it easier to find information.

Over the course of nearly 15 years, the existing website had evolved and grown into a very large and complicated, but informative website. With a plethora of available information, it was proving dificult for All Saints' to keep track and maintain the website's contents.

Understanding All Saints' and how it wanted to reach its parishiners and visitors, We were able to redevelop a new, modern up-to-date website from the ground up - trimming down the excess information which had accumilated over the years and was now deemed to be outdated or obselete.

We continue to play an active on-going role in providing website maintenance, support and future development as the website evolves.

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We specifically chose a particular shade of blue that conveys heritage and history. The additional darker pastel shade of red to communicates energy and passion.
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