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The Oxford Choral Festival celebrates the city’s rich and diverse choral heritage, established to provide an exciting glimpse into the musical world behind the University’s hallowed walls to those visiting outside of University Term. With exclusive dates where the gates will be thrown open to Oxford’s finest music venues, they invite you to step inside for an unforgettable musical experience.

How we support them.

Sebastian Thomson first approached us with his concept for the Oxford Choral Festival in 2018. The budget for the project was extremely limited, but he wanted a simple web page to convey the idea of choral performances in Oxford's finest music venues; to stir up some interest and; to guide visitors to where they may obtain tickets for upcoming events.

We continue to play an active on-going role in providing website maintenance for Sebastian and enjoy working with him on not only his personal web presence, but his other projects.

Services we provide.

Creative Direction
Website Design
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Colour Scheme

We specifically chose dark grey as a primary colour to convey sophistication, formality and exclusivity. The secondary colour as an accent to communicate calm and harmoniousness.
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