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UK Astronomy is a registered charity whose ethos is to educate, inspire and excite others by sharing their knowledge and passion for space. They do this by offering astronomy sessions, workshops and public engagement for anyone who thinks space is awesome and wants to find out how vast and magnificent it all is. They work with schools, community groups like the Scouts, Guides, Rotary Club, Women's Institute, other charities and businesses.

How we support them.

UK Astronomy's existing website was created and maintained by themselves using an online DIY website builder. After struggling with the inadequate tools, they decided it was time to look at having it re-designed in order to promote the organisation and the work they do at a much higher and professional standard.

Understanding the charity and all its facets, Visual Interactive were able to step in and develop a whole new professional website from the ground up.

We continue to play an active on-going role in providing website support and subsequent development. We are thrilled to be continuing to support UK Astronomy with their outreach and educational goals.

Services we provide.

Creative Direction
Internet Services
Website Design
Website Development
Website Maintenance Agreement
Search Engine Optimisation
Database Development
Graphic Design
Online Form SPAM Blocking
Online Form Submission Management

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme was determined by the customer's existing identity, however we were able to be inventive and expand the scheme.
Primary Colour
Secondary Colour
Additional Colour

Visual Interactive are professional and easy to work with. We are so impressed by the work that they delivered. From the moment they took on the project, they really understood what our charity was all about and the image that we wanted to get across to our supporters.
Ross Hockham
Founder of UK Astronomy

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