We let our work speak for itself.


SLC Supplies specialise in the supply of landscaping and construction products. With over 15 years experience in landscaping and construction through their sister company, Superior Landscapes & Construction, SLC Supplies are in a prime position to serve not only similar businesses, but also the home DIY market.

Based on the border of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire - halfway between Oxford and Aylesbury, they are in a prime location to cover the whole of Oxon, Bucks and surrounding areas.

How we support them.

As a fledgling company, SLC Supplies asked Visual Interactive to create and develop a website that would enable customer to purchase their specialised range of landscaping and construction products.

After listening to their specific requirements, Visual Interactive was able to create a clean and professional customer facing website from the ground up. We also developed a bespoke back-end product management system where they could not only manage their range of products, but certain aspects of the main website. Visual Interactive also served as a one-source provider of all their internet services.

Visual Interactive continues to play an active on-going role by providing website and management system support services. We are also thrilled to be involved in other projects as they develop.

Services we provide.

Creative Direction
Internet Services
Website Design
Website Development
Website Maintenance Agreement
Online Form SPAM Blocking
Online Form Submission Management
Search Engine Optimisation
Database Development
Product Management System

Colour Scheme

Purple is a rare color in nature. We therefore specifically chose purple to convey uniqueness, quality and positivity. The secondary and additional colours were chosen from the same colour palette to reinforce the meaning of the primary colour.
Primary Colour
Secondary Colour
Additional Colour

Product Management System

The custom built secure system enables SLC Supplies to manage product categories, subcategories, product information and aspects of the customer facing website such as promotions and page headers.

We are proud to have been able to work with all our clients.

Below is a selection of the many projects we have been fortunate to have been involved with.